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First and foremost, it's important that supervision is a safe space where as a therapist you feel free to share your work openly, with confidence and without fear of judgement. Then it can be a place for reflection, restoration, questioning, challenging, 180 degree thinking and yes - play! The spirit of exploration, experimentation and play is an essential ingredient of engaging and creative supervision. 

I see supervision as a colleagial collaboration between two professionals who both hold parts of the picture. We can enjoy piecing them together in different ways, with different outcomes possible. Rather than being 'the expert' I enjoy fostering my supervisees own wisdom and encouraging their strengths. 

I've supervised counsellors and psychotherapists working in many different contexts including private practice, NHS, Higher Education and youth work, bereavement and voluntary agencies as well as with different levels of experience from trainee to experienced practitioner. I've supervised both individuals and groups.

I'll bring my experience, knowledge, questions, reflections, suggestions and memories of interventions which could have gone better in my work, and you are welcome to bring yours.

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