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EMDR and Trauma Therapy

Trauma can result from a single event, like a road traffic accident, an assault or sexual assault, or witnessing a highly distressing event.

It can also be the result of past abuse, neglect or harsh and constant criticism, bullying, sexual or physical abuse or emotional disconnection from caregivers. These events can result in what is referred to as 'relational trauma' which is a rupture of the sense of being safe with and cared for by those we have a close relationship with, or are dependent on for care. Trauma can also include losses or bereavements which feel hard to recover from.

Traumatic symptoms can show up in our lives in many ways, such as anxiety or panic, depression, nightmares, compusive patterns of behaviour, often being overwhelmed by emotion, addictions, or feeling 'triggered' by a current event. 

I find that Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and/or Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) can be very effective in repairing the hurt of trauma in a safe and compassionate way. 

You can watch a video to find out more about IFS here 

Find out more about EMDR here 

Trauma therapy, and EMDR, seek to harness our natural healing abilities to calm the nervous system and process past events so that they become past memories and not active and intrusive parts of present experience. It is gentle and goes at your own pace, so that you feel in control of your healing process.

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