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Somatic Inquiry &

Imagination Work

'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.' Carl Jung

As we grow up, we all learn that certain emotions are acceptable while others are not. To survive, we push these feelings and thoughts out of our awareness and adapt our behavior to meet the expectations of family, peers, or authority figures.

Often, this adaptation happens through painful interactions or hurtful experiences. When we are frightened, shamed, hurt, or left alone to make sense of emotionally confusing events, we learn to suppress our distress—and sometimes even our joy or happiness. This can lead to emotional blocks, challenging behavior patterns, and chronic negative feelings.

However, our bodies hold and remember these emotions which have often become unconscious. Healing is possible through bringing them into awareness again with compassion and understanding.

Working at our own pace we can reconnect with ourselves and reclaim these sources of energy and a sense of spaciousness. 


Somatic Inquiry and Imagination Work is rooted in self-compassion and a profound respect for our bodies and our individual needs and experiences. It faclitates the psyche's inborn ability to heal itself.

Somatic Inquiry and Imagination Work draws on:

Somatic Work: becoming aware of the body through sensations and movement and releasing through aware connection.

Jung's Active Imagination: listening to and learning from the wisdom of emerging images to integrate the energy they hold.

Kiloby Inquiries: a gentle and powerful method which uses mindfulness to heal emotions trapped in the body and dissolve negative self beliefs.

To learn more, email me to schedule a 20-minute no obligation explore call. 

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