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Trees and Mountains

Kate Brady

Welcome to my Online
Counselling, Psychotherapy
and Supervision

More appointments opening from August 2024
Counselling and Psychotherapy

When we're going through dark and difficult days, or up against a problem that seems impossible to solve, it's difficult to believe that with a little help we can uncover resources and strengths in ourselves for healing and resolution.

EMDR and IFS informed
Trauma Therapy

Our nervous system becomes traumatised when we experience an event, or several events over time which are frightening, abusive or emotionally overwhelming. When this happens, we can be left with symptoms and reactions which limit or disrupt our life.

Single Session

Single session therapy is a focused and dynamic approach aiming to find actionable solutions to a specific issue or concern. In the session we focus on what change could make the biggest difference now, and generate ways to achieve this. 

Somatic Inquiry and Imagination Work

Using a blend of Somatic mindfulness, Kiloby Inquiries, Jung's Active Imagination and Shadow Work techniques, this gentle method helps to open up communication between body, mind and spirit and uncover and release emotional blocks. 

Therapy Sessions
About Me

With over thirty years experience as a therapist I offer friendly, compassionate and flexible online therapy centred around your goals, values and preferences as a unique individual.

Kate Brady Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Trauma Therapist
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